Colour: M 9.05-0 natural

M 9.05-0

University of Portsmouth Sports Hall

University of Portsmouth Sports Hall

The University of Portsmouth Sports Halls facade consists of densely packed vertically mounted TERRART®-Baguettes. These Baguettes come in a variety of different natural terracotta shades. This helps the building in emanating a natural and grounded feeling and it creates an inviting atmosphere.


Lincoln House Deansgate

The Lincoln House in Deansgate, Manchester is decorated with a very challenging and unique façade! It’s designed with extruded TERRARTLARGE and TERRARTCUSTOM elements in outstanding formats and shapes, which creates an extraordinary variety of forms. The natural red brick colour of the components gives the building a rustic look!

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Amphia Ziekenhuis

Amphia Hospital With the construction of three new hospital buildings to complement the existing hospital, Amphia Ziekenhuis is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and is considered a state-of-the-art hospital with a highly specialised range of clinical services. Vertically aligned terracotta elements in an XXL format in several natural shades from light beige …

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Senior Center Zofingen

Senior Center Zofingen

As an addition to the existing complex, a new building was constructed whose shape and height are aligned with those of the adjacent buildings. This impression is maintained in perspective because the top floor is set back. The backventilated ceramic curtain façade meets the contemporary requirements of sustainable building and contributes significantly to the attractive, natural appearance of the overall complex. Mounted …

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Claremont McKenna College - Kravis Center

Claremont McKenna College — Kravis Center

Glass, exposed concrete and ceramic elements were the façade materials of choice for this structure, which comprises multiple, nested and interlocked cubes. The red terracotta has been carefully but sparingly applied to add vivid dashes of colour and accentuate individual sections of the building.

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