Tabea Schlachtenberger 17/08/2018

NBK Keramik has many years of experience in the field of architectural facades. High-tech manufacturing processes enable certified and safe production. Facades from NBK therefore meet the highest quality standards. Our products are resistant to external influences, so that wind and weather cannot harm them. However, in order to create a “vintage look”, we are breaking new ground. The products of the TERRART-RUSTIK line combine the advantages of modern building ceramics with a rustic appearance. This results in striking, historic-looking facades of the highest quality.

With the help of various manufacturing processes, both smooth and textured surfaces can be created. In addition, the façade is designed in a variety of colours. The uneven and accidental efflorescence of the ceramic results in a unique effect, which harmonizes very well with traditional masonry. The rough structure of the elements suggests a historical production with the use of old firing techniques. This creates unmistakable rustic facades with a traditional look. The desired oscillation of the panels creates a play of light and, due to the uneven design, corresponds to the appearance of old buildings.

With our product TERRART-RUSTIK we offer design variety in highest quality with an exclusive and rustic presentation. The physical properties of modern building ceramics are naturally also guaranteed. This includes, among other things: weather resistance, UV resistance, longevity, maintenance-free and fire resistance.

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