TRUMPF Staff Restaurant, Ditzingen

The talk in architectural circles is of a new type of building: The new staff restaurant at technology company Trumpf blends organically, so to speak, with its surroundings, perfectly adapted to the topographical conditions and spatial structures. The flat, pentangular pavilion is aligned with the polygonal shape of the forecourt. While the kitchen and adjoining rooms are sunk below ground floor level, the nine-meter-high main room with its gallery levels designed to accommodate 700 people is not only a fantastic sight, but also offers a superb view. The conceptual discourse involving natural forms and structures led the architectural team of Barkow/Leibinger to an overall design that is oriented towards examples from the natural world. The honeycombed roof structure caused a sensation. The steel supporting structure is divided into pentagons, each of which is divided into triangular wooden cells. Some of these were formed into skylights. The resulting structure creates an impression of a leaf structure complete with midribs and little branches. The same approach was carried over for the plinth facade and paneling used for the interior: the specially developed convex and concave ceramic elements resemble kites, while their surface conjures up associations with honeycombs or the shell of an armadillo. The high-gloss segments are coloured blue-black in the outside area and are realised as hollow elements, which allowed them to be secured by a suitable substructure. Smaller elements finished in white and green shades were selected for the interior. These were bonded and pointed across their entire surface

Barkow Leibinger architects
trumpf TRUMPF Staff Restaurant TRUMPF Staff Restaurant TRUMPF Staff Restaurant TRUMPF Staff Restaurant TRUMPF Staff Restaurant


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