Project type: Bank Building

Volksbank eG Neu-Ulm

One reason for the trend towards natural terracotta with natural colours and textures is certainly the predicate of sustainability that manifests itself in this form of terracotta façade. In addition, the ceramic, as a natural, stable building material designed for a very long life, is equipped with virtually unlimited resistance to rain, frost and chemical …

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Sparkasse Halver

The two-storey, modern and elegant new building in the centre of this small town in the Sauerland region (North Rhine-Westphalia) has an air of charisma, thanks in particular to its exclusive Terracotta panelling. The TERRART®-Large plates are finished with a sinter-fired procedure, which lends them a fascina – tingly metallic shimmer. Just as extraordinary is …

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Rabobank Raalte

The façade of the Raalte Rabobank in the Netherlands, made from TERRART®-LARGE special shapes, is clearly divided horizontally by means of the particularly wide jointing. What stands out is the additional use of TERRART® ceramics as a virtually independent unit, separate from the façade, to form an entrance arch.

Ostseesparkasse bank

The TERRART®-LARGE façade of the Ostseesparkasse bank in Rostock features a mix of colours, sizes and finishes – interesting variations on the ceramic façade theme.

Rabobank Mijdrecht

Two shades of red, a strong one and a softer one, divide the building of the Dutch Rabobank in Mijdrecht into two sections, which are also distinct from each other in terms of their geometry. The possibility of producing the panels to any radius requirements means that the façade is perfectly rounded off.

Land Bank, Baden-Württemberg

The combination of brilliant white and glass gives the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg a light, fresh appearance. The glazed, high-gloss finished ceramic elements comprise a variety of special shapes and detail solutions based on the TERRART®-LARGE system. A particular feature is the corner rounding, which reduces the severity of the building complex and almost playfully transforms it into a kind of tower.

VALMY III, Montreuil

The most striking aspect of this predominantly glass building is its acute-angled corner design, which is given particular emphasis by the use of large format brick red, profiled panels. The balcony niches that this building features are inevitably also three-sided as a result. The corner extends outwards over the ground and “hovers” like a gigantic …

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Volksbank Rheine

The sober architecture of this five-storey administrative building calls for a plain façade design. The light beige hue of the ceramic panels used is friendly but not imposing. Only a low pedestal is accented in dark grey. The wide window apertures create a horizontal emphasis, but this is balanced by the imposing columns. The large-format …

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