Colour: M 7.04-0 natural

M 7.04-0

Willoughby Road, Bracknell

A transparent foyer connects the two parts of this classical office block. The façade, kept in lucca bluish grey and made from TERRART®-MID and surrounding special corner units, impresses by virtue of interesting coloured reflective effects. The façade is integrated into the inside of the foyer at the interfaces, thus ecoming a creative connecting element between the office units.

Office Development, Reading

Office Development in Reading. The greyish blue TERRART®-MID panels were specially developed for this scheme. 70 Office Development, Reading, Großbritannien, Architekt: Sidell Gibson. The office scheme in Reading clearly illustrates the colour variations offered by terracotta – here in a blue/grey chromatic shade. Even such a small-scale façade derives a unique radiance from ceramic components whose shape and colour are tailored to the particular features of the building.

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