St. Botolphs Hall – Apartment

London, Spital Square, London, Vereinigtes Königreich

Project Description

The residential and commercial block located on the site of the former St. Botolph’s Hall is as unostentatious as it is impressive. Rectilineal and completely bare of adornment, it fits in perfectly in an area dominated by steel and glass buildings.The designers, Matthew Lloyd Architects, chose a terracotta panelling made from TERRART® large elements, which were laid horizontally in the form of narrow, long strips. For this purpose, several special colours – from bright beige to earthy shades of darkbrown – were arranged in such a way as to create a strictly thought-through pattern. The colour spectrum is inspired by the historic brick and sandstone façade in the immediate vicinity. The structure is lightened up in several locations by means of filigree baguettes, which are also located on the upper floor in the form of free-standing parapets.

Project Details

  • Corner - Mitre cut open
  • Texture - Natural


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