Poli-Clinic Rüdersdorf, Berlin

After a modernisation programme for the old hospital wing from the 1960s was rejected as uneconomical, the decision was instead made to construct a new building with a functional area and ward block and featuring a contemporary room concept designed to meet the demands of modern working processes and optimised routes to the existing, neighbouring buildings. Integrated in the gently rolling, wooded landscape around the Kalksee, the centrepiece of the complex looks more like a leisure and wellness centre. The building is dominated by a warm brick-red, which contrasts with the grey tones in the entrance area and on the bay window of the operating theatre. The TERRART R LARGE panels form a smooth, harmonious front that emphasises the building’s clear-cut design.


Jürgen Hartleb
Mobile: +49 (0) 162 2047 800
Email: j.hartleb@nbk.de

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