Krestovsky Apartmenthouse, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is famous for its baroque and neoclassical architecture, and it is from these eras that the newly renovated apartment building draws its inspiration. The distinctive castle-like, classical character has been retained, albeit reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Shunning monumentalism and bulkiness, the building’s exterior is lean and graceful and is characterised by glass and the consistent use of light-coloured terracotta. The building has been enveloped in TERRART® elements from the base up to the roof. Myriad elaborate details, numerous special formats and specially manufactured ceramic elements adorn the fronts and lend the building a unified character that promises exclusivity and a dignified ambiance.

"Ingmar ASB" LLC|“Ingmar ASB” LLC|St. Petersburg


Dmitry Belobrov
Mobile: +7-911-9214400

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