Centrum Handlowe Manhattan, Gdansk

The new shopping centre in downtown Gdansk is one of the most popular shopping addresses in the Polish capital of the Pomeranian province. The rambling complex fully assimilates itself into the developed surroundings, which last but not least is due to the natural, light-yellow and grey-brown colour scheme. The design thrives on the imaginative use of different elements and forms without losing sight of the harmonious overall picture. The bright and friendly enclosed areas made from large-format ceramic are set off against the runglike TERRARTR-Baguettes that radiate a lightness and transparency. The living and diversified form is a cheerful contrast to the often clunky department store architecture of the past.

Fort-Gdansk|Wojciech Targowski


Jacek Szelag
Mobile: +48-601-992905
Email: j.szelag@hunterdouglas.pl

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