Ayuntamiento Bilbao, Bizkaia

In the direct vicinity of the city‘s baroque city hall is a new building complex that plays a clearly antagonistic role in the surroundings. The forward-looking, progressive forms of expression, which are based on geometric patterns as well as square, angled and slanted perspectives, form a conspicuous contrast to the adjacent historical buildings. On the other hand, the design grows closer through the colour scheme: The glazed, yellow and white TERRART®-Baguettes are used as suspended façade cladding to cover the face of the new building like blinds. The baguettes look like round, tube-shaped rods and run all the way to the angled sections of the lower floors. Different colours prevail depending on the colour distribution,
perspective and incidence of light. The entire façade then appears to be draped in a uniform colour.


Juan Ramon Oyarzabal
Mobile: +34-619-770572
Email: info@oaci.biz

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