Project type: Education Building

Ecole Primaire Ben Heyad, Luxembourg

The impressive impact of the building is achieved through the interplay between anthracite and light sandy façades and the generously proportioned glass surfaces. The contrasting hues are clearly coordinated with the different façade elements: the front section of the building next to the entrance area is completely clad in grey, and the expansive window surfaces …

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Waterbury Career Academy

The new building for the Waterbury High School, an establishment focusing on technical disciplines, needs to offer space for 800 students. The result is a fivestorey building featuring a striking silhouette and impressive facades. Slim, ceiling-high windows alternate with closed surfaces of identical format and adorned with ceramic tiles. Natural shades provide the perfect complement …

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Tårnby Gymnasium, Kastrup

The new music centre for the Tårnby secondary school is an impressive example of simplicity and clarity and features unmistakable references to Asian architecture: the visible method of construction, the simple, elementary materials, its naturalness and connectedness are strongly evocative of a Japanese pavilion. The façade elements, which comprise TERRART® Baguettes in sorano beige, have …

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Ecole Mouchie à MONTHLERY

Bright and inviting ceramics with a natural texture blend perfectly with the natural stone base. With the large-Format TERRART®  panels, the building radiates calm and restraint, while slim baguettes emphasise the features in front of the windows. The classic building style is constantly interspersed and lightened up with staggered levels and imaginative details.

Claremont McKenna College – Kravis Center

Glass, exposed concrete and ceramic elements were the façade materials of choice for this structure, which comprises multiple, nested and interlocked cubes. The red terracotta has been carefully but sparingly applied to add vivid dashes of colour and accentuate individual sections of the building.

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