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ROMED Clinics, Rosenheim

The structure of this four-storey service and training centre follows the course of the road. At street level, the ground floor is set back, widening the space in the street. A very distinctive architectural style is evident here. The vertically assembled, slightly profiled terracotta elements contrast with the horizontally structured facade strips. Although they are …

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Griesgasse, Ulm

This elegant housing complex catches the eye with its unusually distinctive shape. The alignment of the building‘s façade is constantly indented or protruding, creating a relaxed, contemporary overall impression. Bright and inviting ceramic elements comprising terracotta baguettes with a sweeping profile surround the large window and balcony openings. The TERRART® Large panels incorporate the profiles …

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Gallery Hall, Männedorf

At the front of the hall, porous, natural-coloured concrete forms a wave-like layer. Behind it is a blend of large windows and blueish-black glazed terracotta, on which the curtain screen is reflected. The contrast of colours, shapes and materials conveys a unique magic and allure.

Lycee Joliot Curie, Nanterre Cedex

The original school building, which was constructed in 1959, was too small and in no way up to the task of meeting modern-day requirements. It was therefore partially demolished, a new extension was built and the parts of the building that had been retained underwent comprehensive renovation. The result is a unit exuding a light, …

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Commissariat de Police, Le Raincy

Minimalist, well-defined and functional – these are the watchwords that describe the new commissioner’s office in Le Raincy-Villemomble, which extends along the railway tracks directly next to the train station. Its regular, unfussy structure offers a contemporary contrast to the old railway buildings in the neighbourhood. The facade is fitted with a uniform arrangement of …

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SCI Constelletion, Nanterre

Nanterre, SCI Constelletion has been completely renovated, modernised and given a brand-new, energy-efficient façade. This natural material in combination with three different natural hues creates a harmonious overall impression that is enhanced by the standardised profi ling. The horizontal structure of the TERRART®-Large panels is continued in a curtain constructed from light-coloured, gently slanting baguettes in front of the glass areas, which …

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Statewide Library and Archives Museum, Alaska

The spaces inside this impressive popular attraction allow visitors to explore the history of Alaska. Accommodating a library, archive and museum, this new building is home to three institutions with different functions but sharing a common purpose: to make it easy for the public to access historical facts and fi gures. The high durability and energy-effi ciency of terracotta ensured that …

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Claremont McKenna College – Kravis Center

Glass, exposed concrete and ceramic elements were the façade materials of choice for this structure, which comprises multiple, nested and interlocked cubes. The red terracotta has been carefully but sparingly applied to add vivid dashes of colour and accentuate individual sections of the building.

APH Zum Park, Muttenz

The facade is constructed from TERRART®-Large panels, TERRART®-Custom elements and TERRART®baguettes, which merge to create an impressive visual. Restrained in colour and texture, the glazed ceramic gains its appeal from the clearly defined profiling, making it a characteristic feature of this building. As if adorned with a decorative braid, each storey is encircled with a …

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