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Harmony of proportions, aesthetics, simple sensuality, paired with noble materials and artistic craftsmanship: the residential complex in St. Petersburg is entirely in the tradition of the Bauhaus School of Architecture. Colour and form are combined to create a high-quality design that sets the new building apart from its surroundings. The medium-format terracotta elements in special …

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River Park

The new residential complex at the waterside of the Nagatinsky River consists of a total of seven different blocks. It is a building of superlatives: monumental, unconventional and exclusive, it rules the skyline and ensures it remains centre of attention. The complex building structure finds its match in the façade design, reminiscent of modern art. Combinations of vivid reds and browns or …

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The Mid

This building, with its imposing height of 120 metres, towers over the entire surrounding area as a landmark, lent an offbeat look by its unmistakable façade design. Medium-sized ceramic elements with reduced surface weight, which were individually manufactured according to the project requirements, form pillar files that vary in clear distances and makes the building almost cathedral-like. The central axis forms …

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