Product: TERRART® Baguette

SCI Constelletion, Nanterre

Nanterre, SCI Constelletion has been completely renovated, modernised and given a brand-new, energy-efficient façade. This natural material in combination with three different natural hues creates a harmonious overall impression that is enhanced by the standardised profi ling. The horizontal structure of the TERRART®-Large panels is continued in a curtain constructed from light-coloured, gently slanting baguettes in front of the glass areas, which …

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Lawrence Library

This project involving the renovation and extension of the library building focused primarily on increasing energy efficiency, improving thermal performance, enhancing the level of natural light and ensuring strategic solar screening. The high-performance terracotta shield, which is the primary exterior material, is the ideal solution here: it protects the books in the interior; helps to …

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Welding Institute, Camebridge

The Welding Institute is a facility specialising in the registration and certification of welding and connection elements for the international market. The newly constructed buildings form part of a science park and are home, among other things, to a training school and a research and technology centre. The real eye-catcher is undoubtedly the open façade comprising a total of 28,000 TERRART® …

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