Scholary Communication Center, Vilnius

Light grey NBK ceramic elements TERRART®- LARGE are used to clad the three strikingly inclined individual buildings that are connected to each other via a glazed atrium. Panels with a length of 2,995 mm, a thickness of 40 mm and a height of up to 600 mm were used for the 4,160 m2 surface of the façade. They were arranged in such a way that the terracotta panels are perfectly horizontal and all joints and gaps run parallel around the building. Ceramic panels were also fitted to the walkable roof surfaces, which measure 1,360 m2 in total; these panels are 50 mm thick and feature a concealed mechanical attachment.

The complex terracotta trim is being manufactured and assembled in the space of just five months: The inclined structures necessitated a range of different oblique cuts for the façade elements, with a total of seven different angles of inclination, which resulted in 15 different mould shapes with individual cross sections. The panels were mounted as a back-ventilated structure with special joint seals to ensure that the outer skin of the building is downpour-proof, particularly with regard to the inclined façades. NBK developed and manufactured a special support system for this purpose that is capable of meeting these exceptional architectural requirements. An individual solution for the support system of the roof cladding was also developed. The joints were left open here, as a result of which water can be channelled underneath the terracotta panels.

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