Synagogue – Jewish Community Centre, Mainz

The realization of the Mainz Synagogue should be viewed as a structural sign of hope and optimism for the Jewish community. Architect Manuel Herz stresses that the foundation of the design is the writing, the word, the Tora. Viewed from the street, the silhouette of the building forms the Hebrew word (Qadushah) which can be translated into „raising“ or „blessing.“ This approach makes the fascinating construction project unique. The funnel-like roof of the assembly room, which faces east, is in the shape of a Schofar. The Schofar – or rams horn – is blown during important Jewish festivals to call together the members of the community. Hebrew letters also adorn the portal made of silvery aluminium. The „Light of the Diaspora“, which is designed to illuminate this tradition-rich community in Mainz, emerges here as an inscription. The sacred building, with its jagged and partially steep contours, is completely clad with high-gloss rods made from TERRARTR ceramic in various shades of green. Depending on the lighting or the perspective of the observer, they can appear completely black or shimmering white. The courageous forms of expression, as well as the implementation of the details, transform the building into an extraordinary architectural work of art.

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