Metro Station, Novokosino

The Russian capital is a rapidly growing metropolis with an increasing population and developable areas. In order to connect the new areas, in the outer districts, to the local public transport services and increase the capacity of the subway network in the center, ambitious plans are in place to expand the Moscow underground rail network by around 50% in the coming years. One of the first newly-built metro stations is Novokosino – in the east of the city.  It was officially opened by President Vladimir Putin in August 2012. Intensive shades of green and orange dominate the facade colors, with the brightness and luminosity of the terracotta panels further boosted by their glazing. Above ground, the differently inclined ventilation shafts are particularly striking. They have been clad with TERRART®-Solid elements, whereby the red-colored panels have been left unglazed. The staircases and interior walls have been covered with twice-fired, profiled TERRART®-Mid panels that also encase pillars and corner elements. The luscious green and orange colors have been contrasted with surfaces in neutral white-grey as a calming opposite. Highly unusual and very complex in terms of manufacturing are the edges of the individual ceramic tiles, which have also been glazed,  in order to achieve a uniformly attractive visual effect.

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