Civic Center, Wakefield

The four-story office building is the centerpiece of a large-scale urban planning project to renew and revitalise the city of Wakefield; it also houses the city administration and authority offices. Efficiency and a good range of people-friendly services are combined with an attractive public space in the form of a spacious atrium and café on the lower ground floor that can be used by members of the public as a place to meet up and recharge their batteries. The colors used in the façade design were matched to the surrounding historical buildings: the warm beige and brown hues of the terracotta harmonise perfectly with the brickwork façade of the much older County Hall. The random pattern of the TERRART® panels gives the eye-catching building a vital and organic feel. Glazed tiles were used on the window reveals, 10 colors to match the stained glass window in the adjacent church.

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John Wimbush
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