City Center DC Apartments, Washington

One of the biggest construction projects on the East Coast of the U.S.A., City Center DC is an almost 10-hectare “city within a city” consisting of office complexes, retail space, rented and owner-occupied apartments as well as green space and public plazas. Alongside the glass used for the ceiling-high windows, terracotta is the other dominant material on the facades. Not only is it visually appealing but it also offers excellent heat insulation properties and helps to save energy. TERRART® SOLID elements in different beige-brown tones are mounted in a cascade-like arrangement. Emphasizing the vertical lines of the apartment buildings, they are each broken up by horizontal metal strips. Architects: Shalom Baranes Associates, Washington DC 55  constituted the floor and balcony frames. The color effect of the ceramic changes depending on the light and contributes to the varied appearance of the buildings. The “green oases” on the roofs, which are open to the sky and offer gardens and pools, promote a feel-good lifestyle and act as the perfect meeting space.

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