560 Garage

In University City, an area of St. Louis that’s bustling with Washington University arts and music events and activities, close attention to architectural detail illustrates how a functional parking garage can be transformed into a design statement. The parking garage, elevated in style with multi-colored vertical TERRART® Baguettes, is a far cry from utilitarian concrete and pre-cast designs, which are becoming outdated. Garages like this one are often extensions of exciting new developments, and better reflect the aesthetic of surrounding, design-driven buildings. The hardware is back-fixed to create a clean, seamless look while a textural appearance was achieved by playing with the arrangement and irregular spacing of the baguettes. Inside the garage, rather than using cable, which allows visitors to additionally appreciate the beauty of the baguettes from the backside as light penetrates the space. Ultimately, these modern architectural upgrades help contribute to a modern environment that’s well-lit and safer for visitors. This garage is owned and operated by Washington University. 

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