Project type: Renovation

Residenz am Postplatz

It was a piece of jewellery – the Oberpostdirektion in Dresden, built in 1876 in the style of the Italian Renaissance. Together with the neighbouring telegraph office it shaped the picture of the Postplatz. Now it is being given a new perspective. Since 2016, the old Oberpostdirektion has been transformed into the “Residenz am Postplatz”. …

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Streatham & Clapham, High School

As part of the renovation, the London girls’ school was extended to include dining and entrance areas, which form an attractive contrast to the existing building with their expressive façade. The black, glazed ceramic consists of concave elements that, having been mounted vertically, give the effect of a curtain. Brightly colored TERRART® Baguettes in front …

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Harvestehuder Weg, Hamburg

Old meets new: the renovation of the 19th-century house maintains the historic charm of the urban villa, but adds a modern interpretation of the tower motif and a contemporary extension. The historic sand-lime outer façades have been repaired, while the added storey and the new building have been clad with light ceramics. The TERRART® elements …

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1333 H Street NW

The special features of the old office building have been emphasised by the renovation work, and existing textural elements have been integrated in order to achieve a seamless transition to a modern design. To bring lots of light into the interior while adding a visual frisson to the unspectacular, compact cube, the overhaul focused on …

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The Portal

The Portal, Irvine Leisure Centre is a Community, Culture & recreation Centre in Ayrshire. As you walk into the building you can’t help but be compelled by the huge foyer where the modern building meets the traditional Townhouse. The venue will be a place for sports, leisure, art exhibitions and cultural events. The facility was cladded with …

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