Project type: Healthcare Building

Boston Medical Center

That is why architects at Tsoi/Kobus & Associates chose to work with TERRART-Large architectural terracotta by NBK, a Hunter Douglas company. Terracotta facade panels are made from 100% raw materials yet are extremely durable, making them suitable for sustainable design. Furthermore, TERRART panels are customizable and come in a variety of colors, textures, and glazes. …

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Hopital de Calais

The appearance of the bright functional building, with its no-frills and unadorned design, is broken up in eye catching style with the orange-red TERRART® baguettes that offer a bold and colorful sight in exposed areas and break down the otherwise „clinical“ feel of the place. On the frontage, they enclose the brickwork in the form …

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Poli-Clinic Rüdersdorf, Berlin

After a modernization program for the old hospital wing from the 1960s was rejected as uneconomical, the decision was instead made to construct a new building with a functional area and ward block and featuring a contemporary room concept designed to meet the demands of modern working processes and optimized routes to the existing, neighboring …

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Blood Center, Raciborz

With more than 2,000 ceramic elements in a large number of different lengths and widths, the large panels envelop the building complex that reaches an impressive size with up to eight floors and around 3,300 square metres of usable floor space. This emphasises the significance of the blood centre in Ratibor, which was set up …

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Aker Sykehus, Oslo

Due to its poor structural condition, the south-eastfacing facade of the university hospital underwent comprehensive renovation. The decision was made to use profiled terracotta panels with a sintered surface. Different basic masses were used for the engobe to achieve a rich play of different grey nuances.

Hospital North, Vienna

The sheer size of the new hospital building is cause for admiration: the developed area covers 51,000 square metres! At first glance, the building complex does not seem like a typical hospital; integrated in a vast expanse of green and enlivened with expansive roof gardens, the connection to nature is undeniable. The manually applied brownish …

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Polaris Medical Hospital, Suceagu

Structural and aesthetic aspects characterize the facade design: the new clinic is covered with a particularly thin variant of TERRART® panels – they are also large-format, individually produced elements that are particularly light despite their size. Finely profiled panels just 18 mm thick were used for the project. With these outstanding properties, these products are also …

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ROMED Clinics, Rosenheim

The structure of this four-storey service and training centre follows the course of the road. At street level, the ground floor is set back, widening the space in the street. A very distinctive architectural style is evident here. The vertically assembled, slightly profiled terracotta elements contrast with the horizontally structured facade strips. Although they are …

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