Project type: Headquaters

WALA Dr. Hauschka, Bad Boll

Clear without being clinical, unspectacular but never boring: such are the new premises of the remedy manufacturer WALA in Bad Boll. The predominantly warm red tone of the ceramic cladding contrasts effectively with the cool blue and green hues of the windows, glass components and roof construction. The profiled TERRART® panels perfectly follow the external …

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Chamber of Crafts, Copenhagen

A perfect match of traditional and modern: the floor plan and building structure of the new chamber of crafts building resemble the old warehouses in the neighborhood. The TERRART®- BAGUETTES mounted around the glass façades recall the shape of the balcony railings of the surrounding architecture, enabling the new building to blend in effortlessly with …

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DB-Netz AG, Duisburg

A specially developed long, slim panel with a slightly corrugated surface is used on the administrative building of the DB-Netz AG Deutsche Bahn Group. The shade was also specially created for this building. The lively, organic character of the terracotta material is enhanced further by the colouring and corrugation of the panel. An interesting detail is the fitted vertical window formation at the side of the …

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Le Trianum, Rueil Malmaison, Paris

Reddish-brown, profiled TERRARTR-Mid panels enclose the prominent „retaining walls“ in front of the primarily glass building, which is otherwise unspectacular in color. Formed like a support scaffold, they not only give the office complex a distinctive note of color; they serve as an eye-catching framework as well. Counterweights were created for a totally functional perspective …

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Hermes Insurance Building, Hamburg

Crisp lines, clearly expressed structure, an honest and forceful composition: the new HERMES building in Hamburg symbolizes the functionality of modern administration. The façade system: TERRART®-LARGE.

Henkel A 33, Düsseldorf

Aluminium transoms, reflective glass areas and accentuated terracotta sections are particularly striking features of the large administrative building in Düsseldorf. The structure surrounds a courtyard with a glass roof construction, which was attractively designed with green areas and water basins. With its warm brown shade, the ceramic cladding of TERRART®-LARGE panels, which can also be …

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AIG European Headquarters, London

The terracotta for the AIG Headquarters, situated in the heart of London, was developed in collaboration with ceramic artists from Delft. The marbled structure and the special lustre effect emphasise the sophisticated character of the house with its uncluttered, slender façade made up of TERRART®-LARGE units.

Pfizer Office Building, Helsinki

The atmosphere of a traditional piazza is achieved through the internal façade consisting of profiled TERRART®-LARGE panels and baguette bars at the headquarters of Pfizer Oy, Helsinki. Blue and red meet in the design of the façade, giving the separate blocks of the complex a uniform appearance. As regards construction physics and aesthetic aspects, the façade was composed using glass, steel and ceramics in view of …

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