Project type: Civic & Government

Ministerie van Landbouw

During the expansion and renovation of the ministry of agriculture, the exterior design incorporated decorative elements that create references to agricultural themes: unique solid shapes composed of nine different elements that resemble leaves, ears and grains. The terracotta hue also conveys a sense of warmth and proximity to nature – clear indications of the professional …

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Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago

This interesting building, featuring a front design which – in an abstract form – is reminiscent of the face of a dog, is completely clad in light terracotta elements. These are used as profiled panels right up to the apex, but also shade-giving „sun roofs“ made of baguettes. The rounded apertures that are perfectly framed …

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Doncaster Civic Offices

The new five-story building brings together the various offices of Doncaster City Council under a single roof. The inviting, fully-glazed entrance area leads in to the bright and spacious customer service center, while the different departments are situated on the upper floors. The frontage of the corner building features a remarkable design: whereas the remaining …

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Civic Center, Wakefield

The four-story office building is the centerpiece of a large-scale urban planning project to renew and revitalise the city of Wakefield; it also houses the city administration and authority offices. Efficiency and a good range of people-friendly services are combined with an attractive public space in the form of a spacious atrium and café on …

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SHG Warszawa

Brick-red terracotta elements generate an interesting play of color on the façades. Although the building is uniform in color, shadows let the narrow ceramic rods appear much darker than the flat, large-format panels. In the process, a dual-color impression is created. Apart from the ceramic, the pagoda roof catches the eye of the observer. A …

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Court House, Münchwilen

The listed district court building dating from 1906 has been renovated in line with the current usage requirements, and an extension has been added. The highly modern, unfussy annex impresses with a ceramic detail solution for the facade and roof, consisting of TERRART®baguettes with a rectangular cross-section. Assembled in a fan-shaped arrangement, the elements give …

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