Colour: M 9.04-0 natural

M 9.04-0

Children's Hospital of Atlanta, NBK TERRART

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Center for Advanced Pediatrics

The 250,000-square-metre paediatric centre is the fulfilment of a concept that addresses the increased demand for paediatric care in future generations and provides easier access to an array of different medical services within this field. A diverse range of specialists, state-of-the-art and outpatient care are all combined here under one roof. The architecture harmonises functionality …

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Parking “Am Noor”

This new building on the public utilities site by the harbour in Eckernförde is a real eye-catcher: a façade comprising ceramic baguettes in warm natural shades, vertically arranged and reminiscent of an accessible picket fence surrounds the car park inside it. The arrangement of the bars varies from level to level, giving a pleasing and …

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Dorsett Hotel

This building in west London has a long and chequered history. Built in 1923 as a cinema and then heavily damaged in bombing raids during the war, it was restored and reopened as a bingo hall and remained in use until 2001. It then stood empty for many years and was on the verge of …

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Fureai Plaza

This building bears more than a passing resemblance to Japanese tea houses and has a peaceful, balanced air. The various building sections are clearly separated from each other and retain a certain autonomy. The façade design with TERRART® elements focuses on natural, timber-like colors and precise structuring.

DB-Netz AG, Duisburg

A specially developed long, slim panel with a slightly corrugated surface is used on the administrative building of the DB-Netz AG Deutsche Bahn Group. The shade was also specially created for this building. The lively, organic character of the terracotta material is enhanced further by the colouring and corrugation of the panel. An interesting detail is the fitted vertical window formation at the side of the …

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Le Trianum, Rueil Malmaison, Paris

Reddish-brown, profiled TERRARTR-Mid panels enclose the prominent „retaining walls“ in front of the primarily glass building, which is otherwise unspectacular in color. Formed like a support scaffold, they not only give the office complex a distinctive note of color; they serve as an eye-catching framework as well. Counterweights were created for a totally functional perspective …

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Henkel A 33, Düsseldorf

Aluminium transoms, reflective glass areas and accentuated terracotta sections are particularly striking features of the large administrative building in Düsseldorf. The structure surrounds a courtyard with a glass roof construction, which was attractively designed with green areas and water basins. With its warm brown shade, the ceramic cladding of TERRART®-LARGE panels, which can also be …

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Annette-Allee, Münster

This attractive block of offices and apartments has a southern aspect facing the Aasee Lake in Münster and has been clearly designed to co-exist with rather than challenge the neighbouring architecture. Without watering down the original style, the new design successfully managed to take the old building stock from the 1930s, which was originally designed …

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