Colour: M 5.01-0 natural

M 5.01-0

PAX Familiy Support, Düsseldorf

Bright color elements float contrapuntally on the terracotta surface and determine the friendly, open character of the building in Düsseldorf-Benrath. A façade that is likely to set new standards. The building in Schlossallee is the head office of PAX Familienfürsorge.

Wohnpark Dorotheenstreet, Hamburg

The façade of this residential block in Hamburg was designed using segmented panels from the TERRART®-LARGE range. TERRART® offers interesting architectural solutions even in a sector as traditional as housing.

Parliament View, London

Dramatic impact at an exposed location: Parliament View in London faces directly opposite to Westminster. Given the sensitivity of the context, certain requirements had to be met in terms of materiality and colour – a brief elegantly answered by use of the TERRART®-LARGE system.

Zuiderhof II, Amsterdam

Large-format TERRART®-SOLID solid slabs were the ideal design elements for this almost fortified-effect building complex in the new office district on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Particularly striking is the rising roof structure of the front extension of the building, which is also equipped with the same façade units.

City Utilities Building, Münster

The street front of the Münster City Utilities building, which only hints at a rotunda, impresses by virtue of its very open, transparent façade, which is given a clear structure and therefore visual support by a large-mesh terracotta grid. The specially developed square panel belongs to the TERRART®-LARGE system.

Hauptbibliothek, Vienna

„It was important to me that a public building in a public place ages gracefully. Therefore materials such as sheet metal and granite were ruled out from the start. Ceramics offer several advantages. Although the building is self-contained and also highly monumental, the use of ceramics means that the overall visual effect is not brutal. Another major benefit of ceramics relates to the construction physics. The use …

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Justus-Liebig-University, Gießen

The façade design of a building of the Justus Liebig University in Giessen was a redevelopment project with special requirements. In order to adapt to the static conditions, the units of the TERRART®-LARGE system were modified to different widths and lengths, up to extra lengths of 170 cm. The light terracotta natural shade radiates a friendly, open charisma of the building.

MIH Masséna, Paris

The prestigious commercial building impresses with its details: its architecture offers exciting impressions that are constantly changing with the viewing angle due to the interaction between the different materials, shapes and colors. The basement, whose closed surfaces frame the large display window fronts and are clad in ceramic elements, form the visually solid, load bearing …

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