Colour: Glazed

Fraunhofer Institut, Bayreuth

The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems has been expanded to include a long, two-storey building that resembles a steamboat. The ceramic facade is specially designed to reference the work that takes place within the institute: slim, horizontal strips of light-coloured, glazed terracotta in different arrangements adorn the building, lending it an elegant finish. …

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Palais van Justitie, Amsterdam

Two spectacular buildings with impressive shapes, connected by a steel bridge on the sixth floor, form the complex of the new law courts, which forms part of an ensemble with three further new buildings situated on a peninsula right in the heart of Amsterdam. The court house has an unmistakably one-off identity and a unique …

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Bureaux Hermès Rue Euler

The Paris head office of the world market leader in the credit insurance business has undergone a complete renovation and been adapted to current technical and environmental standards, both inside and out. The outer structure and the original character of this historic building have been retained. The facade is covered with TERRART®  Large panels in four …

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Louis Vuitton, Meyrin

Louis Vuitton, the international fashion house specializing in luxury goods, produces its exclusive timepieces in Meyrin in the Canton of Geneva. The building, which covers 4,000 square meters, recently underwent comprehensive renovation and is resplendent once again in an elegant white set against dark, discreetly applied accents. The black baguettes, which are mounted on a …

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APH Zum Park, Muttenz

The facade is constructed from triumph. TERRART® -Large panels,TERRART®-Custom elements and TERRART®- baguettes, which merge to create an impressive visual. Restrained in color and texture, the glazed ceramic gains its appeal from the clearly defined profiling, making it a characteristic feature of this building. As if adorned with a decorative braid, each story is encircled with …

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First Street North, Manchester

With its unusual shape and color scheme, this new hotel is the undoubted centerpiece of the area. Vivid red and corn yellow catch the eye and convey a cheerful, optimistic atmosphere full of vitality. The TERRART® Mid and TERRART® Custom elements feature a new development by NBK: they are covered with effect glazing that is based on …

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Wehrhahnlinie, Düsseldorf

“Underground art” – an apt description, perhaps, of the new Wehrhahn-Linie project. The underground stations, which obtain pre-eminent significance as “enlargements” of the subway tunnel, have been enhanced through the addition of modern artworks and transformed into exciting spaces. Two of the artistically creative stations feature NBK wall ceramics.

Lycee Joliot Curie, Nanterre Cedex

The original school building, which was constructed in 1959, was too small and in no way up to the task of meeting modern-day requirements. It was therefore partially demolished, a new extension was built and the parts of the building that had been retained underwent comprehensive renovation. The result is a unit exuding a light, …

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