Colour: METALOX reduction fired engobe


Langgasse Baar

The geometric, cuboid design chosen for the residential and commercial building is broken up by the exterior design: the terracotta elements that have been reduction-fired on a very light biscuit have triangular profiles that change in both colour and appearance depending on the light and the perspective of the observer. The vertical arrangement gives the building the illusion of length.

Sparkasse Halver

The two-storey, modern and elegant new building in the centre of this small town in the Sauerland region (North Rhine-Westphalia) has an air of charisma, thanks in particular to its exclusive Terracotta panelling. The TERRART®-Large plates are finished with a sinter-fired procedure, which lends them a fascina – tingly metallic shimmer. Just as extraordinary is …

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Customs Building Freihafen, Hamburg

A special vividness characterises the façade of the customs area at the free port in Hamburg, which was achieved by means of a special reduction fire. Every panel is unique. The material, fired close to its sintering point, is characterised by the shiny, metallic surface and a colour shading scheme rich in nuances.

Ku´dammeck, Berlin

Cathedral, arena, theatre – the commercial building at the Ku’- dammeck in Berlin was clearly destined to become a prominent urban landmark. The TERRART®- MID system was adopted for the façade design.

Astra Tower, Hamburg

One of Hamburg’s tallest buildings – the Astra Tower with it’s quadratic floor plan captures the eye. Extensive use of glass creates a transparent appearance and the narrow ceramic bands of NBK Terrart-Large panels delineate the boundaries between individual floors.

Vattenfall Substation, Hamburg

The sintered TERRART® panels reference the functionality of the building with their metallic character. The silvery luster of the surfaces is broken up and vitalised through a combination of individual elements that have a darker glaze and vertical strips of ceramic baguettes.

Doncaster Civic Offices

The new five-storey building brings together the various offices of Doncaster City Council under a single roof. The inviting, fully-glazed entrance area leads in to the bright and spacious customer service centre, while the different departments are situated on the upper floors. The frontage of the corner building features a remarkable design: whereas the remaining …

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Trianglen, Malmö

Large-scale renovation and expansion work in the heart of Malmö have resulted in an elegant complex that makes this district even more attractive. This residential and commercial building complex comprises a number of interlinked buildings accommodating a shopping centre on the ground floor as well as office and residential complexes on the upper floors. The …

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