Colour: M 3.01-0 natural

M 3.01-0

Wisconsin Inst. for Discovery – WID-MIR

Two interdisciplinary research institutions under one roof: the public Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, which belongs to the university, and the private, non-profit Morgridge Institute for Research – both of which are dedicated to medical topics and work closely together. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and generous space, the newly constructed complexes were handed over to their …

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Hilton Hotel, Malta

A first-class hotel beneath an azure firmament on a Mediterranean island – the new Hilton Tower on Malta. Composed of blue glass and natural-coloured TERRART®-LARGE units, the façade took its cue from the dominant colours on the island. Physical criteria relating to colour fastness and weather resistance made the TERRART®-system the obvious choice.

Woonmall Alexandrium II, Rotterdam

The Woonmall Alexandrium ll scheme in Capelle a/d ljssel illustrates the creative variety offered by the TERRART® façade. Alternating profiled TERRART®-MID panels and baguette units enhance the visual impact by punctuating the expansive façade.

Yalou Smart Park, Spata

Urban development is progressing in a suburb approximately 20 km east of Athens, where the biggest shopping centre and entertainment complex in the whole of Greece has been built in Yalou. One part of this is the Smart Park with its impressive offer of shops, restaurants and entertainment. Welcoming, warm natural hues give the shopping …

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Sede Social Compensar Suba, Bogotá

The sensational cladding of TERRART® baguettes in a variety of natural shades makes this cubic building a real eye-catcher. Applied horizontally with recesses arranged in strips, the ceramic elements form a semi-transparent cladding, giving the impression of lightness and making the rigorous geometry look less harsh. The curtained copper sheets are adapted to the colour scheme. …

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Lublin Congress Centre

Lublin is Poland’s biggest city east of the Vistula and an important centre in eastern Poland. Being home to five universities, it is also a major hub for young people and academics. Covering some 48,800 cubic metres, the newly constructed conference centre is yet another flagship building and a generously sized space for hosting trade …

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